Iconic Singer-Songwriter Passes Away

Jimmy Buffett, known for his "Margaritaville" vibes, has sadly left us

A Musical Genre of His Own

Buffett's "Gulf and Western" style was adored by fans worldwide

Condolences from President Biden

President Biden remembers Buffett as an American music icon.

Fond Memories with President Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton reflects on Buffett's White House performance

Sports and Music Unite

The Miami Heat acknowledges Buffett's love for music and sports

Tributes from Fellow Artists

Country star Toby Keith pays homage to Buffett's influence

An Unexpected Soap Opera Encounter

Actor Lawrence Leritz recalls an encounter with Buffett on All My Children

The Legacy of a Poet of Paradise

Buffett's music celebrated life's simple joys and seaside folkways

A Multifaceted Talent

Besides music, Buffett was a writer, businessman, pilot, and conservationist