Kushi Movie Review

Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha shine in 'Kushi,' a romantic entertainer by Shiva Nirvana

A carefully packaged feel-good entertainer

Vijay, Samantha, and Shiva Nirvana aim for box office success

Fill in some text

Conflict explored at the surface level

Love conquers differences in the simplistic narrative.

Nuanced portrayal of complex characters needed

Atheist vs. Faith, portrayed through Lenin and Chadarangam.

Romantic nods to Mani Ratnam and AR Rahmane text

Viplav's journey in Kashmir and the influence of Mani Ratnam

Vijay Deverakonda's charming return

His portrayal of Viplav as an imperfect boy next door

Homage to Roja, Dil Se, and Alaipayuthey

The film pays tribute to classic Indian romances.

Conflict resolution and its shortcomings

The rush to maintain a feel-good atmosphere

Kushi's entertaining charm

A pleasing romantic musical with unexplored science vs. religion conflict