Making Money Online

Lets make you a couple thousand a month barely doing anything.



To make money owning a website, first things first, you’re going to need a website. There is a lot of paid pages and free pages you can purchase and create a website with, guides included.

If you have a website, GREAT! You can skip this step. If not, you can create a website for free at
Wealthy Affiliates: Free to sign up, free to make, free to use.

If you need help creating a website or how to start it up, Wealthy Affiliates have step by step guides to help you further, if you require more advance help they have that with their paid membership.

Another website maker is WebsiteBuilder. helps you create a free website in this particular order

  1. Choose a Template: Which is the design of how you want your website to look
  2. Customize Your Website:  Putting the content of how you want your website to look
  3. Publish to the Internet: Choose the website name and its live to the internet

You can also go the route of buying a domain from or

  • Buyng a Domain is purchasing the name of the website, like how I purchased

After that through those websites you can then purchasing hosting, because you need to be able to host that domain and then from there you can edit and use your website.


Content. You are going to need something to put on that website or some sort of idea to create the topic around. It can be about ANYTHING. The internet is a big dark place, giving people the ability to look up anything and everything at any given time, billions per day. If you aren’t sure about a topic to discuss, remember you can always sell or refer a product.

Some Websites expect you to have some valuable website traffic in order to sign with them. Here’s a list of some websites that will allow you to sign up for free:
Amazon | Ebay | DX |

Under their affiliate program they are quick sign ups and allow you to advertise products free of charge and if someone click on to purchase, free money! DX Payments are via Paypal.

Referrals are also a major cash cow, here’s a couple of websites:
| Viglink | EBATES | | SafelinkClicksor | Adiphy | Imgtrex | Adbit |
Viglink helps you connect potential consumers to products by hyperlinking particular keywords in a website’s content
Ebates earns a commission when a shopping session is initiated through affiliate network links. Ebates shares a percentage of the commission with its members in the form of cash back. Members are paid quarterly via check or through PayPal. will turn your links into earning ones by adding an ad layer. Your visitors will see an ad before reaching a destination page and you will make money. The ad time length is only 5 seconds and then they can skip the ad. Payments are via Paypal.
Safelink Literally the same thing as
Clicksor helps you earn revenue from your website. You know how websites have random popup ads? Those ads popup turns into dollars that goes to your pocket every time someone visits your website. Crazy right? Go to clicksor, become a publisher, submit your website, put the code into your header website and bingo, get paid per visit.
Adiphy allows you to earn money online by posting news articles from their website via Facebook. Every click beings you money. So if you have a big Facebook fan base, Adiphy would be perfect for you.
Imgtrex Pays you every time someone views your picture, pretty straight forward.
Adbit  Another website to earn money from ads

You can also go to CPAlead if you want to promote the niches they have available. RevenueHits is also another quality popup ad you can sign up for free. Also a website like Space.taeprorent shows you how to make money by simply surfing the web.

Literally that is all you have to do, show someone your website, they click on it, depending on the content or niche of the website, more then likely you will earn a free after they click, especially if they do As you can see you went on my website via Instagram, but there are numerous people doing it.

Example 1: Instagram user AlixessaCassidy :

  • Has a website sharing websites where she tells you her favorite comic websites to read online for free. See here for the website.
  • Not saying that it’s legal but that is literally all she is doing, sharing a list of her favorite websites she read comics daily with the link.
  • Shes getting paid because people are clicking the website; simple huh.

Now lets look at some real numbers

Here is a website that give people the ability to download comics that comes out GetComics

Here is their revenue numbers:


And that is from Ads, not even calculating Shorte or anything else they’re using. All you do is

Build The Website

Supply the content

Drive the traffic

Collect the money

So there is a lot of money to be made here people. People Click, People View, Some People Pay, End of the Day you get paid as long as your plan carefully and put the work in. You can follow the layout I presented but you can always put a spin on things, ITS YOUR WEBSITE. There are other websites like mine that is straight forward and to the point, I like pictures of comic books so I add them to my post, its easier to make money at something that you actually enjoy. This is a great way to make money passively with minimal effort.


If you’re feeling skeptical do not hesitate to comment below so I can answer your questions.