Surveys Pay The Bill

What if I told you that you can pay one of your bills every month and all it would take is a device with internet and one hour?
Its more then possible, I’ve done it, with just surveys. Its actually really simple.

Setup time: 1 hour

Now, first thing first, you have to sign up to take these surveys. Whenever you’re trying to set up a revenue stream of income, the setup process will always be tedious. Various tinkering, the more you progress. Click the links below and start filling out your information.

For this you can actually create a brand new email address so it doesn’t get cluttered with your other emails. Creating one is easy, just play with words associated with your name, surveys, money etc.




Branded Surveys


Cash Crate









SavvyConnect <== Get Paid to search the internet as normal


Checkout 51


Now after you sign up and confirm your email the process is simple. After that do your introductory survey to get started. After that either save the webpage to your bookmarks on your browser or to a clipboard you can access later. Now lets discuss how you’re going to pay a bill of with this set up. I did a bit of testing with a closed Facebook group and the numbers I got back at the end of the month were satisfying. Granted the group wasn’t even that large, only around 1,000 people. Some individuals have more Facebook friends. Now this is where things get interesting; do one survey a day.

Just one. But after you do the survey, go to the refer tab and invite 1 person to the website. Now you have to do that with each website. So one survey a day, one refer a day; per website. Within a month or 2 it will all add up per site. One of the websites will hit $30USD. Maybe every website hits $30USD. 14 websites listed (Minus SavvyConnect). 14 x 30 = 420. So in 30 hours of work for a month (1 hour each day) can earn $420USD in a month. Lets think about our monthly bills. Some can relate

  • Home bill
  • Electric Bill
  • Insurance bill
  • Phone/Internet Bill
  • Groceries/Gas Bill
  • Monthly subscription bill (Netflix/GYM/Porn)
  • etc etc

You’re getting the picture. We accumulate a lot of recurring bills a month.

You’re telling me for 1 hour worth of work per day you wouldn’t try out this method? Some of us work 10+ hours daily and still can’t pay all our recurring bills a month but for just 1 hour out your day to pay 1, maybe 2 bills a month you wouldn’t give it a shot? You can do more with less. The whole point is to make a lot of money with not a lot of work right? That’s what a lot of us strive for. Of course every survey won’t be $2.00USD/$5.00USD. Some with be $0.50. It happens. Not everything you do will result in a big gain. Netflix is a big company that’s asking for a small sum per month. You have to look at volume selling. You invite the right friend they’re going to do exactly what you tell them. You’ll average 365 referrals a year; per website.

You don’t have to invite 1 friend, you can invite 5. Or 50, maybe even 5,000. But how many are going to attempt that?

Start small and build. You need to see the slow growth to make sure this is worth it. Which is why I’m only asking for one.

1 Survey a day,1 Invite a day. By the end of the month, one of your bills will be paid.