Get Paid from Doing Groceries

Yup, as simple as that. Do we need to be rich? Wealthy? Extra in the savings? Lets say yes to all. How?

  • Get out of debt
  • Keep bills low
  • Make everything you do make money

Made that sound easy. It’s doable. But lets show you how you can get paid in the future for doing everything things. Like shopping. This is great for college students and families. Alright here’s somethings you need to know.

  • Keep Track of Monthly Expenses

This gives you 2 things. Shows your how much you’re spending per month, and come tax time you’ll get most of a great return. As a business you have to keep track of your receipts. When filing taxes its best to be as accurate as possible. How to be accurate? With proof of a receipt. Most places requires proof of receipt when getting items in return. Now we are in a world where there’s an app for that.

If you’ve done something for someone and got paid, you’re technically an independent contractor. So get paid more during tax time, and get paid towards the end of the month with ibotta.

They get paid for “referring you” to buy the groceries you were already going to buy. You buy said groceries and show a receipt as a proof of purchase, and you get paid for buying what you need. You don’t want to get paid for doing weekly shopping? Some of which that could be written off on taxes to get a bigger return depending on criteria? You can make money from doing anything and everything. Including what you’re doing right now.