Graphic Designer

Becoming a freelance designer could be one of the most lucrative positions you could’ve ever put yourself in. Having the ability to manipulate a thought into a creative design will bring you a lot of money in the future. If you’re looking to become a designer, you can become one without any money involved. Lets show you how by learning a free program: GIMP

GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software available for everyone. I also suggest a couple of things

  • Check their tutorial section here and learn the basics.
  • Always save every 5-10 mins, ALWAYS
  • Always save your finished work as two files. The finished image (ex: .png , .jpeg , etc.) and the editable file (ex: .xcf file for gimp)


Your best friend in this Designing Venture. Learn what each item does and how to use it in a basic sense. You probably won’t use them all per design, but its good to know what it can do for future designs. Now lets just say you made a design. You’re ready to get paid for that design, but not sure how go about it. Lets show you how to manipulate your earnings.

Build Your Online Persona

Now its time to make you some money. Building your online persona to your liking. Please Register to the following websites with your persona.

Online marketplace for print on demand products based on user submitted artwork. Once a month they have a coupon sale going on. Use that to help market your products from Redbubble.

Zazzle has partnered with many brands to amass a collection of digital images from companies like Disney and Hallmark to make custom apparel from shirts to leggings to slip on shoes.

Used to require at least thirty people to commit to buying a shirt before a design went into production, but today, designs are immediately manufactured and sold.

After creating your design, users set a price for their item(s) and choose a sales goal. No orders are processed, manufactured, or shipped, until the campaign has “tipped,” meaning that the sales goal was reached or surpassed.

Choose from millions of designs or make your own through SunFrog.

Simply upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, set your price, and add a product description. Amazon will handle handle production, shipping, and customer service. No cost, invitation only. Took me 2 months to finally get accepted.

    • Artfully Walls is a chic, contemporary and affordable way to shop for art prints online via beautifully styled gallery walls.

  • Artist Become is a one-of-a-kind destination for discovering new contemporary artists. A source for up and coming artists to display art.

  • ArtPal: Sell your art and you can take advantage of their Print-On-Demand

  • Artsadd: Create a store and allow everyone to see your art for sale

  • Artspan: Art marketplace allowing you to showcase your talents, ecommerce ready.

  • Artwanted: Over 700 Art groups with 60,000 + artist as your competition.

  • Bespo incorporates art from illustrators and designers from all over the world onto homewares, tech accessories, wall art and gifts.

  • CafePress: Print-On-Demand with over 450 products.

  • Displate: Show people they can present your art on a metal poster in their life.

  • Spreadshirt: Print-On-Demand website for everything including buttons and underwear.

  • FotoMoto: Hassle free website for photographers with the similar name of a known computer virus.

  • Gooten: More Print-On-Demand that can connect with Shopify, Etsy etc.

  • Imagekind is owned by CafePress and is a Print-On-demand

  • Inkster: Fan Art, Gaming Art welcome.

  • InterestPrint: More Print-On-Demand for a huge variety of products.

  • : Print-On-Demand for websites like Shopify.

  • MySoti: Print-On-Demand by the people, for the people.

  • PrintOnWood Ever thought about seeing your art on wood? Literally?

  • Society6: Love this website, similar to Redbubble; Print-On-Demand

  • SpoonFlower: Print-On-Demand that extends to Fabric like Knits.


For the next 6 you could either use your own profile or build towards your own persona.

With Twitter and Instagram, building your own persona would not hurt you in the slightest. For Pinterest create boards matching the concept designs you’re creating. Increases your chance of a sale. With upwork and fiverr, you can advertise the products you have created, and become freelancers and do products for a fee. Fiverr is $5, $4 after Fiverr gets their fee, Upwork is whatever your price range is. The same with Freelancer.

Now if you want to expand your business by having your own website matching your design, we can show you how. Either can be achieved by joining either Namecheap or Shopify.

You have the ability of buying a domain name to any name for a very low cost Say you wanted to make a custom website for all types of Princess worldwide for your next Graphic Project Campaign. You have customer designs ranging from Disney Princesses to Princesses of Past History ready to be published. You joined all the websites above but you want more. Well lets give you more. You run to Namecheap and make a search of a name. Now lets look at pricing.

Not bad for an entire year. You choose the domain name but now, you need hosting. You can either purchase that from Namecheap or you can check out PowerUpHosting for their low prices as well.

After purchasing your domain from Namecheap you can go to Domain list, manage the website and scroll down until you get a chance to edit the nameserver.

Go to custom and input PowerupHosting‘s information after getting hosting. Then you login to your cPanel and scroll down until you reach the bottom and see wordpress.

From there you install WordPress to your site, login with /wp-admin at the end of your name and start installing plugins to your choosing. Now to make money selling your products on your own website you will need a Drop-Shipping company and can use the plugin WooCommerce or BIgCommerce. As for the Drop-Shipping Company, i recommend Printful.

Great Drop-Shipping Company I’ve joined to say the least. Simple concept incase you’re not sure how this works.

So if the income you’ve generated from the 7 websites I’ve name earlier, or 13 if you included the rest, this will definitely increase your earnings, or at least know what you have chances of earning more at in your niche. Now the storefront with your own website and domain will cost you a bit of money upfront, anywhere from 9.99 a month for hosting to a one time purchase every year for domain rights. Now lets show you some numbers, I’ll show you mine for the last couple of sales.

Now here’s for my disclaimer before you read further. This is me making money off of designs that I want to push out, not designs to profit off of. Reason why I’m saying this because the level of competition i’m up against averages in search results of 2,000 per tag.

Last 30 Days? For every 91 visits, I get a sale which averages at $20.00 a sale prior to deductions= cost using ETSY. I have 370 listings. That is 74 Dollars

Every listing cost .20 cents. You don’t have to pay the .20 cent upfront. You can either pay the 1st of every month with or without auto pay or when your fee threshold are greater than or equal to a predetermined amount.

So either way you have time to make income before spending a dime. But by using money from these sites to pay that while collecting income from ETSY alone. Now I’m doing a niche but not trying to make bank or a living off of doing Shirt Designs, especially since i know this specific niche is “saturated” so to speak but still has a source of income. Owning your brand comes with a lot of customer service, keeping up with items going out of stock and weather delays for shipping at times, but that is what the tracking order is for. Now lets break this down mathematically if i wanted to do is full time for a bit to make a decent source of income.

370 Listings in 30 Days got me 4 sales.

A sale a week. Unless i change some tags and descriptions, that’s more than likely what I will average every month for a year, 4 sales a month. If I did continue this pattern, if i wanted to make 300 a month doing this, i would have to up my listings to average 15 sales a month. With the same ratio of 163 views a sale (652/4), the views would be at around 2445 this month.

Every 93 items posted with my current track record gets me a sale… so I’ll need to go from 370 listings to 1387 listings, which is a lot. But that’s not a lot of designs, if you know Printful. Now here’s the mind trick to those 1387 listings. Who says they are different designs?

With Printful you have 12 product categories you can post. So lets say i used 1 designs per 12 categories which equaled to the current 370 listings I have. That’s 31 designs (370/31) that got me 80 dollars that I’ve made by myself with GIMP in 30 days. Those 31? Took maybe about week or less since they’re ideas I’ve had thought of making for years.  So with that math for 1387 listings, bring us to 116 designs for me to upload, or 85 more I could upload to average 300 a month. That’s technically all i need to average that. 85 designs.

I could do every character in Dragon Ball Z and get that and the designs done in a week, upload them all and make 300 a month just through ETSY. Reason why i mentioned Dragon Ball Z is because when searched on ETSY, they have over 1,000 results. When you want to make money, you can go about this in 2 ways. Having great products in a competitive market, or exploiting a profitable market with low competition. This is where tags come in handy. Everything we search online deals with tags. So after we make our search we let everything else do the rest.

So competition will always be presented, but you can tip things in your favor with the proper tags, which is why for that i recommend Merch Informer.

They specialize with tags for Merch by Amazon but why not use those same tags for ETSY as well? Those tags give you a generalization of what people usually look for when searching for a product. Now if you guys want to make money, i suggest following the simple blueprint. Its an easy process when you understand the competition you’re up against per niche and the average sale if you keep things current. Now if you guys excuse me, I have 85 designs to make.

Happy Earning!